About Us

Maple View Grand Forks was established in March of 2009 and is the one of six Maple View communities. Maple View is one of the largest memory care organizations in North Dakota and we’re known as the region’s leading experts in basic care for individuals with memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

Our award-winning staff is highly experienced in memory care and highly passionate about providing a superior quality of life for our residents. We have more than 40 employees, including LPNs, CNAs, full-time kitchen staff, drivers and more, offering one of the highest staff to resident ratios in the region.

Maple View Grand Forks is an independently owned and operated organization. We work with all health care providers in Grand Forks and its surrounding areas.

Maple View Grand Forks Management

Dana Olimb – Director

Olimb is the director of Maple View Grand Forks. She oversees all operations and staff.

Peggy Dunnigan, RN – Health And Wellness Manager

Dunningan is our health and wellness manager and is a Registered Nurse. She is responsible for the direction of all LPNs and CNAs and is in charge of medications and care plans.

Jessica Bailey – Resident Service Manager

Bailey is the resident service manager of Maple View in Grand Forks. She is in charge of making sure that all of our residents in the facility receive the best quality care possible.


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